Let me tell you a story about my dust pile

20th – 25th June 2014, C28 Edinburgh College of Art

Let me tell you a story about my dust pile… prints



Prints are now available from both artists websites, follow links below to the websites

Morgan Kinne

Stephen Kavanagh

Annuale review

We are very fortunate to have been mentioned and quoted in an article about the Annuale.

a-n article

Action, cutting and retrieval

The retrieval of the dormant layers hidden within the cube took several hours, using a a hand built manual tool. The physical strength needed to twist proved to be a challenge, as the teeth gripped the block it fought back, not allowing us to take huge strides at a time but slowly twisting its way into the core. Stopping only to gauge the depth or if exhausting had hit its peak.

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Opening Night

A successful opening evening, we would like to thank everyone who came along and urge those who haven’t seen the show yet to come along since there is only 3 days left.

blog opening

A number of guests talk with each other

blog opning 2

Discussing the work with one of the Artists

edited open 3

The public getting involved and physically engaging with the exhibition

The Abyss

The hollow space where the core was extracted from, the layers visible in the core sample and in the walls left in the object itself.

smaller for blog

cover photo

Dormant Histories

How do we extract the dormant layers that are concealed within a huge object like this?

Specially constructed tools have been made by the artists for the sole purpose of extracting these hidden layers.


Exponential Growth

The focal point of the room has altered as the object central to the space begins to grow. Things have grown exponentially since phase 5. The cube has expanded upwards and outwards as it begins to fill itself with history and matter.

design 1


It’s interesting to see the layering and material effects on the structures made to house the drying plaster. Creating new layers and creating their own traces as they interact with the materials.

dust pile 6


Layers can signify a journey, the difference in places we interact with. The dust in one location will not be the same as another, even though they look remarkably similar. It’s these slight differences that appear in this project and we aim to highlight them. Over time, however, this matter alters. It grows or degrades, its never the same as it once was and its seen passively. We don’t notice this matter. It is hidden to our eyes.


dust pile 4